You probably already ensure your employees have water to hand, whether you buy in bottled water or have a vending machine. Yet bottled water creates huge quantities of plastic waste that ends up in landfill, needs energy to make the plastic and bottle the water, fuel to transport it and electricity to store it in fridges. Oh yes – and it costs a lot.

Tapwater is a far more environmentally-friendly option – and staff are delighted when they find they can refill their bottles with chilled or sparkling water as well as ambient.

Join the movement and you can be at the vanguard of responsible business, reducing waste and cutting costs in a way that’s good for your business, your staff and your reputation.

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A dispenser of your own

Seen our lovely lifebottles and fabulous dispensers? Want one? We don’t blame you!

Ambient, chilled or sparkling water helps cater to everyone’s tastes, while our lifebottles keep water chilled for up to 20 hours. These dispensers produce 150 litres per hour – that’s 15 times faster than standard dispensers, so one machine can service an entire office.

At only £15 per week they are fantastic value as well – compare it to your costs if you have a contract with a bottled water company. Plus is fully responsible for all the costs of supplying, fitting and maintaining your dispenser – it’s completely trouble and risk free.

You can have the dispenser branded with your company logo, a motivational slogan or just keep it minimal and chic – it’s entirely up to you. Go a step further and launch the initiative to your staff by buying a set of lifebottles all branded in your company colours.

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Sponsor a dispenser

Water is the source of life, so perhaps it’s not surprising that throughout history, public-spirited individuals have concentrated on making sure people have access to good water. We call them the water heroes.

From the men who built public fountains in ancient Rome to the society that set up clean drinking water throughout Victorian England, these water heroes have made a real difference to people’s lives.

Become a water hero yourself when you support a local organisation that’s near to your company’s heart. It could be a school or college, a local hospital or a public location like a train station or shopping plaza.

What will sponsorship do for you?

Raise Brand Awareness
A fully-branded dispenser will be seen and used by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people every day. If you like, we work with leading writers and designers who can help you come up with an appropriate advertisement to make the most of your sponsorship.

Generate positive associations

Many sponsorship opportunities involve nothing more than logo placement. By sponsoring a dispenser you are providing something valuable and saving people money. Your company receives positive associations far in excess of the investment.

Great PR opportunities has excellent contacts in the media who support our movement. We will produce targeted press releases about the support from your business to generate coverage for your company.

Integrated Programmes

It’s up to you how far you want to take your sponsorship. We hold a presentation and discussion in all the schools in which we install a dispenser. You can have a presence both as part of the presentation and discussing your company’s environmental aims with the children. This is a rare opportunity to be invited into a school as part of an authentic, positive programme.

CSR that means something

Corporate and Social Responsibility may sit on every company website, but policies often fail to translate into action. This programme makes a real and measurable difference that you can show to staff and other stakeholders to prove your commitment.

Lasting quality

Our stainless-steel dispensers stay in place for a minimum of four years, while our lifebottles do what they say – last for life. Unlike a plastic reusable bottle, they don’t have a disposable feel. These are quality products created by an award-winning designer and manufactured to the highest standards – putting your brand on these reflects positively on your company’s brand values and commitment.

Link with a recognised, committed partner is a not for profit organisation with partners around the world and a reputation for integrity and passion of which we are very proud. Everything we make is of the highest quality, and everything we do is designed to help people save money and save the environment – if those are values that resonate with your company then we would be delighted to partner with you.

All this for only £15 a week.

It’s great value – a year’s sponsorship is less than an ad in a local paper. In some cases it’s an opportunity beyond price – there’s no way of buying advertising in schools, for example…

And finally – it’s just the right thing to do.

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