Here are a couple of things you probably know already

  • Kids need to stay hydrated. Studies show that children have impaired learning performance if only 1-2% dehydrated.
  • Sugary, fizzy drinks contribute to teeth decay and obesity

So what's the problem? Just give them a bottle of water!

  • when schools or colleges sell bottled water through vending machines it produces enormous amounts of waste – hundreds of bottles every day
  • much of this waste ends up as litter which needs to be collected or rubbish which must be sorted for recycling
  • despite sending plastic for recycling, only 17% of UK plastic waste is recycled – the rest goes to landfill
  • bottled water costs a lot of money. The average child spends £350 a year on bottled water.
  • The revenue received from vending machines is tiny compared to the profits made by bottled water companies. Why can't schools gain more revenue while students pay less?

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What's the ideal solution then?


Yes – it's as simple as that – tapwater is already being paid for by the school or college. It's better for you than bottled water and it is far more environmentally friendly.

The two major complaints we hear from kids about drinking tapwater in schools are: it's not readily available and it's not chilled. Some colleges worry about a drop in revenue from bottled water or about costs.

Tapwater.org has come up with a fantastic solution. Our high-speed dispensing machine is plumbed into the mains. It has three filling nozzles that produce ambient, chilled or fizzy water at the touch of a button. Able to dispense 150 litres per hour and with space for 3 students to fill bottles at once, one machine can service an entire school. Using a card or fingerprint recognition system you can even charge students a modest amount for the benefit of having chilled or sparkling water. This is better for everyone – less money for students, more revenue for the college and no plastic waste!

Great Value

Best of all, the dispensing machine is astonishingly good value: we install and maintain the machine for only £15 per week. Because we are passionate about seeing kids drink properly without harming the environment. tapwater.org will donate a number of lifebottles to your school, worth £12 each.

The machines' cost can be covered in three ways:

  1. sponsorship from companies or parents
  2. vending
  3. pay directly


This is a fantastic opportunity for parents, governors or local companies with a connection to the school to support children's learning.

  • Sponsor a dispenser and you have the opportunity to brand it with an appropriate message or a discreet plaque
  • Take part in helping to launch the scheme to students, being part of a presentation and discussion about green issues
  • Tapwater.org will donate a number of lifebottles to your school. Made from top quality stainless steel with double walls to keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours, these are worth £12 each. They also come with funky stickers for kids to personalise their bottles – something they love!
  • You could also choose to brand the lifebottles and add an appropriate message.

Why does sponsorship make sense?

Whether you're a parent or a business, you know that we depend upon the kind of citizens our children will become. Making sure students are able to learn at their best, that they are contributing towards a better environment and lower energy costs, as well as saving them money, is a fantastic opportunity to invest in the future.


How can tapwater.org help you gain sponsorship?

If you're a school or college, you know that gaining sponsorship can be time-consuming. Tapwater.org will do a lot of the work for you.

You can nominate a business to sponsor you and tapwater.org will approach them on your behalf. We have excellent presentations which show the benefits of sponsorship to companies and can make the whole process completely trouble-free for your office.

We can send a letter to parents on your behalf to request assistance in funding a dispenser.

Who should consider sponsorship?

  • PTAs, Parents and Governors
  • Companies and Businesses

PTAs, Parents and Governors

If you belong to the PTA or board of governors, then suggest a dispenser as a great way of showing your support for the students, encouraging green policies and helping the school save costs.

Individual parents or alumni will find this the perfect way to commemorate a particular teacher, classmate or just say thank you. Sponsoring a dispenser allows you to give something back to a school or college to which you have an affiliation. From a discreet plaque to a full-colour display of the football team's colours, sponsorship allows you to publicly display your thanks with something that is of real value to the school and to students.

Samples of inscriptions
To the students of the University of London
A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.
Benjamin Disraeli
from the Students Union Committee 2012

In memory of Mrs T. Hardman
who taught here from 1980-2011 and liked to quote Alexander Pope
"A little learning is a dang'rous thing;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again."

with thanks for many happy years – especially playing football!

Companies and Businesses

Do you want to demonstrate your company's sincere commitment to education, learning and the environment?

Save schools from litter. Save students money. Save the environment.

This is Corporate Social Responsibility in action – and a superb PR opportunity. Tapwater.org help you promote your involvement within the media, as well as offering you the opportunity to have a real, meaningful presence in promoting the scheme within the school.

A deal that's more than a logo

Many sponsorship deals in schools consist of nothing more than a logo, which appears superficial. This is different – by supporting a scheme that makes a real and immediate difference to students' experience and saving them money, the positive associations with your brand have depth and meaning. Branding the dispenser and bottles can increase awareness of your company, but the real benefits come from students and parents associating your company with genuine support for reducing waste through the education sessions.

Do you take on apprentices from here? Does your business supply the school? Is your business connected to water, waste or the environment? If so – you should consider sponsoring a dispenser.

Great value for branding and PR

Astonishingly good value, just £15 a week will sponsor a fully-branded dispenser used by hundreds of students every day. Tapwater.org has excellent contacts in the media who support our movement to get kids drinking tapwater and will mention your business in their articles.

Tax Deductible

Sponsorship for a charity (most schools are registered charities) is fully tax deductible, so you can claim tax relief on the cost of your donation.

Read more in our companies section or order a dispenser for your own office.



Vending companies make large profits out of the bottled water they sell to students. Typically a tiny proportion of the profits reaches the school – while the cost of the electricity to run a vending machine can be nearly £200 a year.

Far better to save the students and the school money by installing energy-efficient machines that produce chilled water at a fraction of the cost.

This is an opportunity for schools, colleges and universities to create a new revenue stream that has far more potential than vending machine contracts, as well as reducing their carbon footprint and waste impact.

How does it work?

  • Using a card swipe system or a fingerprint recognition pad, students can refill their bottles with chilled or sparkling water for a modest amount. We recommend between 20-40p per bottle. This still saves the student significant money, but also builds a new revenue stream for the school.
  • We always recommend keeping ambient water free – the aim is to keep kids hydrated in a way that is good for them, and good for the environment.
  • Sell extra lifebottles on campus from the office or canteen – that means students can have a bottle in their bag, one at home… Since tapwater.org is not for profit we will provide you with the lifebottles at cost – allowing you to use the profits to fund the dispensers.

Case Study – Goole High School

As part of their studies into environmental issues, the students at the school had identified an issue with plastic waste. They asked the school to consider going 'plastic-free'. The school was delighted with the children's enthusiasm, but also concerned about losing a source of revenue – sales of bottled water.

Tapwater.org worked with the school to craft a solution. Since the school already uses fingerprint recognition vending system, it is possible to add a fingerprint pad to the water dispenser. While ambient water remains free, chilled water will be charged at 30p - compared to the bottled water being sold at £1.20. Three water dispensers are to be installed in high traffic areas, with the potential for more if the scheme succeeds.

In order to make the system work, tapwater.org have donated 150 lifebottles to help start things off. Further lifebottles can be purchased from the school office and student union as required and of course, students can also use their own bottles or glasses.

The system will be installed in the months ready for the start of the new school year in September.


Paid Directly

A simple charge of £15 per week paid annually means tapwater.org will install and maintain your machine. You can have the dispenser branded with your school logo or a message about recycling.

Tapwater.org will donate a number of lifebottles to your school. Made from top quality stainless steel with double walls to keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours, these are worth £12 each. They also come with funky stickers for kids to personalise their bottles – something they love!

See the dispenser in action at the West London Free School in Hammersmith or City University.

Case Study: West London Free School, Hammersmith

The school was keen to make sure pupils could stay hydrated but they hated the idea of students spending lots of money on bottled water. Tapwater.org has installed a dispenser in the key area between the classrooms and donated 150 lifebottles to all the kids. As more children enter each year we have committed to donate further lifebottles, and also to install another dispenser.

So far the dispenser has delivered hundreds of litres of chilled tap water in just 2 weeks – that's a saving for the parents of £35,000 per year and saved 50,000 plastic bottles going to landfill.

Just as importantly, the kids LOVE their lifebottles – within a few seconds, they were personalising them with the stickers provided. The school now intends to make lifebottles part of the school uniform to ensure kids always have their bottles with them and can stay hydrated throughout the day: for lunch, sport, playtime and lessons.

Case Study - City University

City University made drinking water available through taps in toilets, sinks in student rest areas and jugs filled with tap water in the canteen areas.

City University was keen to reduce plastic bottle waste. However, students were reluctant to take drinking water from toilet facilities, or from sinks in the student rest areas as they were often full of food waste. Jugs in the restaurant emptied quickly during busy times and because staff were too busy to keep refilling them.

Tawater.org surveyed the university and picked two locations to install dispensers in September 2011. 7,000 litres of water have been dispensed per month saving 14,000 bottles going to landfill. Feedback from staff and students is positive and the university is now installing a third machine.