Lots of people support tapwater.org in lots of different ways.

They know that 100% of our profits go towards tap water related schemes. So here\’s where we say thank you to all those who offer to refill bottles for members of the public, help us spread the word, sponsor a dispenser or persuade someone to stop using plastic… Drop us a line if you\’ve got an idea to get involved or a story to share and you can appear on our friends board!

Thanks from all of us at tapwater.org

Kent University

Mr David Hooper from Kent University chose to support our organisation through purchase of lifebottles for his sports students. The courses at Kent University range from Sports Science, Sports Therapy through to Sports Management and we wish them all much success in the future. Going forward they will have the added bonus of knowing that they will be drinking from a bottle they can use for their whole lifetime.

Thanks again David from the tapwater.org team

Juliet Shield

Juliet and I met at the famous Gail’s bakery in Exmouth Market and since our meeting she has been a very strong supporter of the tapwater ethos. Juliet is a restaurant consultant of the highest order so if you are looking to make changes give her a call first.

West London Free School

West London Free School in London have become the first plastic free school in the United Kindom. Very expensive bottled water costing children and parents thousands of pounds per year has been removed from sale. This has been replaced with a source they were already paying for, tap water. The photo shows the children with our free lifebottles and a high volume mains fed machine. Want to become a friend then please get in touch.

Fat Face

Our tap water friends are individuals, businesses, organisations, simply anyone who believes in our aims. They do this in the knowledge that 100% of our profits go to support tap water related schemes. Go on, drop us a line if you have an idea to get involved, and very soon you could be appearing on our friends board!