Introducing our new iPhone app.

Enjoy tapwater on the go, for free!

Available on the App Store

The app lets you locate free tap water refilling stations in your area. It will show you the closest restaurants, pubs, shops, cafes and public fountains, all a part of our global network which offers drinking water on the move, for free! promotes the drinking of tap water. Our network is a convenient alternative to paying for expensive drinks when out and about, and could save you £100s a year!

The network itself is provided by like minded people who offer water freely, and with no hidden catch. Simply take in your empty bottle, ask nicely for a refill, and they will look after you. We at really appreciate all the wonderful businesses on our network, we hope you will too. We are always looking for new locations to add to our network so if you have a local business willing to be promoted by our scheme then please get in touch

Requires iOS 3.2, 3G/Edge/Wifi connection required for map data.