Delight your customers by offering them fantastic value; save yourself storage space and effort; generate more profit – and do what’s right for the environment!

If that sounds like a winning recipe, then read on – because it couldn’t be simpler.

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Bottled water is terrible for the environment. It costs a huge amount to produce, it has to be transported around the world and the plastic waste ends up in landfill (less than 17% ever gets recycled). The carbon footprint of bottled water is more than 500 times that of tap water.

You probably know all that. You also know what a nuisance it is to lug bottles of water in from delivery vans, to store them and to take up fridge space with bulky water bottles.

Ah yes – but bottled water delivers a great profit margin… and as long as people want it … Those are the arguments we used to hear a lot – but things are changing.

How many more people have started asking for tap water recently? Did you know that 98% of British consumers consider bottled water in restaurants to be bad value? Turning to tap water is one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. Yet restaurants are uncomfortably aware that tap water is not really free. After all, you have to pay your water rates and pay staff to serve, wash up … these are real overheads that customers don’t see.

Is there an answer that will help restaurants act responsibly, please their customers and protect profit margins?

We believe there is. has sourced mains-fed water dispensers that can deliver chilled, filtered still and sparkling tap water at huge speed. We have discovered that while customers don’t want to pay for water straight out of the tap, they’re more than happy to pay a cover charge for unlimited still or sparkling water served in your own reusable decanters. Indeed, when informed of a £1 per diner charge for this service, customers say they are receiving fantastic value.

Our figures suggest that a minimal cover charge for customers who receive unlimited sparkling or still, filtered tap water proves far more profitable than sales of bottled water.

Some of the world’s best restaurants have already made the switch – establishments like Waterhouse and Aldo Zilli’s restaurants in London, Del Posto in New York, Incanto in San Francisco and Chez Panisse in Berkeley.

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